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This site is intended to connect the Mason community with information about new models of scholarly publishing and communication. Perhaps you have a specific question in mind, like:

What does open access to research mean, exactly?

How can I protect my rights as an author when I publish an article, or even a book?

Does Mason offer financial assistance to publish in an open access journal that charges a fee?

What is a data management plan, and why is it required in my grant proposal?

Where can I find free online textbooks and other educational materials to integrate into my class?

How can I preserve my scholarship and make my articles as widely available as possible to the world?

You may have more in-depth questions that you need to discuss with an expert in that area.

If you have questions about copyright, Creative Commons licenses, open access publishing, Mason’s Open Access Publishing Fund, or open educational resources, please contact:

Claudia Holland
Head, Scholarly Communication and Copyright Office

For information about Mason’s Archival Repository Service (MARS), or publishing an open access journal or working paper series hosted by the University Libraries, please contact:

Jeri Wieringa
Digital Publishing Production Lead

For information about finding and acquiring data sets, advice on data management plans, and assistance with data analysis and survey design, please contact:

Wendy Mann
Head, Data Services Group

For information about and assistance with electronic theses and dissertations, please contact:

Sally Evans
Coordinator, University Dissertation and Thesis Services

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